Teething Toys Set by Bambeado. Color combination - Lime/Yellow/Blue

We have a name for that time when your wee one finds themselves feeling the first ache of teething to having a mouthful of baby teeth – we call them the ‘Inbetweeners'. The time when the first baby tooth begins to push through until all their teeth have all emerged can last for two years or more. Each stage of the teething process has different demands, from initial stress and pain relief through to the maintenance and care of those hard-won new teeth. Bambeado has carefully chosen a selection of products to help with each of these stages; Before and during teething Little bamBAM is the best teething toy you can buy. It will provide comfort and relief for your wee one’s aching gums. Tooth break through Our Silicone Finger Glove will allow you to gently clean and massage those baby teeth shortly after they make their debut. Molar Mayhem The banana shaped brush helps soothe the gums at the back of the mouth as molars push through. It also gives your wee one their first opportunity to brush their own teeth. Anti-Gag Brush When the self-declared “big boy” or “big girl” wants to brush their own teeth, this toothbrush is the perfect way to start. The oversized shield stops them pushing the brush too far down their throats and the soft bristles provide extra protection

Teething Set

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