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SAVE YOUR SANITY - When your wee bubby is teething the whole household can be put under STRESS, lots and lots of it! Our Little bamBam teether toys can help reduce that stress for all, allowing you to enjoy this wonderful period with your child rather than wishing it away.

PROVIDE RELIEF FOR BUBBIES SORE GUMS - All babies instinctively want to chew on whatever they can get their little hands on when the teeth start to push through. Made from soft, chewable, baby-safe silicone, Little bamBAM baby teether toys are the perfect texture for those tender gums – we call it the Goldilocks Zone, not too hard and not too soft, just perfect. 

MOST HYGIENIC OPTION FOR YOUR BABY - Nearly every Baby Teether on the market has joins or cracks in it, Bambeado teethers do not. It is s a single molded product, so there is NO WHERE FOR BACTERIA TO ACCUMULATE AND MOLD TO GROW. Certified BPA Free, PVC Free, Lead Free.

LOTS OF COLOR, LOTS OF TEXTURE - The ears, legs and horns are just the right size for little hands to hold and the bright color will help stimulate your baby.

Why is Little bamBAM such a great teething toy

We have two girls of our own and have just popped out the other side of the teething process, so we know exactly what bubbies need when those gums are aching. Over the last few years we have taken those lessons learned, then produced, tested and perfected the features of Little bamBAM listed below;

The Perfect Material- soft enough, yet hard enough: The balance is a hard one to get right in newborn toys, but we now have it just right. Sore gums are need the right relief. If the product is too soft then it will do nothing, if it is too hard then it could cause extra pain. 

The Perfect Shape - little hands and little mouths need to be catered for. The horns and feet are perfect for those chubby fingers to grip and width of Little bamBAM means it can't be pushed too far into the mouth. 

The Perfect Texture and Color - bumps, ridges and bright colors all help stimulate bubby.

And a few more reasons


Not only is it a fantastic product, but it is also beautifully packaged. This makes it a great option as a gift for a Baby Shower, New Grandchild​ or Friends New Baby​


Little bamBAM is a bit bigger than most teethers - but this is a good thing.
With some children still teething up to two years of age, you are going to want something that will last.
The horns a small enough for even the littlest hands to grasp. They are also the first things to get chewed on, reaching far enough in to get the back of the gums but not so far that the child can gag.


Because Little bamBAM is a single molded product, there are no joins or parts and it is almost impossible to break. 
No joins mean there is nowhere for bacteria to grow, so it is very hygienic. Just throw it in the dishwasher and it is sterile.
Made of food-grade silicone means it contains no nasties like BPA.
We have passed all the relevant safety standards around the world. Just to make 100% sure, we put it through the ultimate test and gave our youngest to play with - she couldn't break it so we know we are good to go.

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