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  • A short history of Amber, Bambeado and Babies

    It all started millions of years ago

    Over 30 million years ago gum seeped out of trees in ancient forests across Europe. It hardened, then fossilized and became amber. 

    Trapped inside were many naturally occurring elements, including those with anti-inflammatory properties.

    For hundreds of years, cultures from around the world have cherished amber, not only for its beauty but also believing in its medicinal properties.

    Which brings us to 2008, the early days of amber jewelry being used by parents to bring pain relief to their children and the beginning of Bambeado. For several years we sold amber jewelry to parents around the world. We loved selling a completely natural product and thousands of parents told us it helped their child through the teething process.

    Then we started to hear of parents who loved the idea of using amber but they were concerned about the safety risk of putting jewelry on their children. It got us thinking, could there be some way of combining all the good bits of amber into another natural substance that would be 100% safe for children to use?

    It took three years to develop, test and perfect but we finally did it - the world's first and only Natural Amber and Natural Rubber baby teething toy - Little Bamber

    Sustainable packaging